Thank you for your entry to the Killearn 10k 2019

Saturday 1st June – 11am

As always we are looking forward to welcoming you to our village and the stunning countryside along the Killearn 10k route.


Registration is located at Killearn Primary School – G63 9RN – with the race start at the War Memorial just a few minutes walk away. You are advised to be familiar with the 10k route as described on the website – posters of the route will also be available at registration.

Parking at the primary school will be very limited on the day and we would encourage people to car share where possible, and for local runners to walk to registration.  Additional parking will be available at the back of The Killearn Hotel, Doctors’ Car Park (Balfron Road) and on Station Road.  Please endeavour to leave enough time to get to registration. Please DO NOT park beside the Kirk Halls next to the Church as there may be a wedding on the same day as our event.

Registration on the day will take place in Killearn Primary School G63 9RN from  9am – 10.45am    Please enter the gym area via the fire exit doors located opposite the school entrance off Crosshead Road.  All runners must collect their race number, race chip and t-shirt / vest from registration.  PLEASE PLEASE REMEMBER TO COLLECT YOUR T-SHIRT / VEST AT REGISTRATION AS THIS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE FINISH AREA AFTER THE EVENT.   Registration  closes 15 minutes before the start of the race.

Toilets are also located within the school but are accessed from an external door to the left hand side of the registration area.  Signage should be clear or ask a marshal.  Water will be available at registration, en route and at the finish. 

 There will be no official bag drop facility; however, there will be an identified area where runners may leave items outside the changing rooms at the school.  NB: Killearn Primary School & Killearn 10k cannot take responsibility for items left in the registration area.

As per Scottish Athletics legislation, please complete the medical details on the reverse of your race number after collection – tables and pens will be available in registration area. Velcro straps will be provided for individual chips. Chips should be securely attached to either ankle NOT WRIST with the main unit positioned on the outside of the ankle. Please ask any one of our marshals for assistance should you find this a difficulty. Please then exit the registration area as soon as is practicable as the area will be busy.

Runners will be piped from registration to the mighty Buchanan Monument  15 mins before the start of the race for race briefing – from here it is merely a matter of metres to the start line on the main road beside the War Memorial.

Race Etiquette:
There will be a cyclist to lead out the race on the road sections – both at the start until the farm track, and then on return into the village when coming off the pipe track at Ibert Road.

Please Keep LEFT when running on ROADS and, where possible use the pavement when going up Main Street during the final 500m of the race.  Please keep to the RIGHT when running on the pipe TRACK especially at the water stations to reduce congestion.

The water station is located at 3.8km which will allow a further opportunity for water on the return at 5.6km

Runners should also be aware that there will be police presence and we will hold up traffic for the start and the run out through Killearn (checking bus timetable as we speak!).   However, for the return to the village roads will NOT be closed – runners need to take care and follow marshals’ instructions especially when crossing from Ibert Road onto Main Street on the return.

This is primarily a trail race and the surface underfoot is variable.  Please take care at all sections but in particular on the section leading from the main street up the farm track and onto the pipe track (from 1.5-2k) as there is coarse hardcore as a result of ongoing remedial works to the pipe track. It is also particularly stony towards the turning point on the upper track. The route will be inspected again 31/05/19.

Please be mindful of the marshals who are giving up their precious time to help and be courteous at all times to fellow runners and volunteers.  There will be plenty of Marshals and signage en route to help keep runners orientated.

Please contact a marshal immediately if you are feeling unwell or unable to finish – or wait for the sweeper/s to call for assistance. The pipe track will close at 12.30pm and, therefore, anyone not passed the 8km marker at that time will be asked to leave the course and transport to the finish will be offered.  This is non negotiable in order for our marshals to return to base in a safe and timely manner.

There will be a piper at the start of the race, and at the turning point  – all very significant points en route!

Towards the finish line in the Park, please ensure your race number is visible to ensure your manual time is recorded (in case of chip failure), and that you SMILE – photographic evidence of your wonderful achievement is priceless!!  On successfully crossing the finish line your chip will be removed by our attractive team of finish line marshals.   NB: Anyone not displaying their race number will be guided away from the official finish line for obvious reasons. 

Please then move through the finish area and collect your medal, water, fruit etc from the Brownies and Cubs before rejoining your family and friends.

There will be a First Aid tent at the finish area, within the Park, but we hope you won’t need this.

Prize giving 
will take place in Killearn Park @12.30pm (earlier if weather is unfriendly). Winner Trophy & Prizes will be awarded for all gender categories:

1st – all categories

2nd – all categories

3rd – all categories

New Course Record all categories

 1st V50
1st V60

1st V70

1st U20
1st local G63 runner

1st Running Club (min 3 runners to qualify)

Killearn Football Club

Results will also be available on the Killearn 10k website with links to finishers’ photographs.

The Killearn Mile is happening again this year – with entry on the day in the Primary School from 9-9.45am and kick off in the Park at 10am. See facebook for details please.

The Killearn Beer Festival also takes place from 2pm at the Old Mill Inn (Killearn 10k official sponsor) with a wide range of local beers and ciders typically from Cairngorm, Loch Lomond, Fallen & Inveralmond breweries to name but a few.  Certainly worth a visit if you are planning to stay locally and literally soak up the atmosphere! Fantastic way to round up a fantastic day!

We know things can happen which put a spanner in the works and we are all truly sorry if your day just can not happen. At this late stage it is too late to transfer your entry and we would appreciate if you did not swap a friend into your space as this contravenes Scottish Athletics regulations and jeopardises the health and safety of the race.

Think that’s everything covered but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries at any time.  We are all looking forward to hosting a great day for all next Saturday. Count down is on!

Many thanks in advance,

Lorna Sinclair
on behalf of the Killearn 10k Race Committee
07798 875284

Hints & Tips & FAQ’s:
It would be highly advisable to plan carefully for extreme weather conditions – this is Scotland – from the very warm to the very wet and consider the use of Sun Protection Factor and Midge Repellent as required.

Please consider those around you and the environment when disposing of empty bottles, gel wrappers and litter; anyone observed to be deliberately littering will be disqualified from the race.

Whilst road shoes are perfectly adequate in dry conditions – trail shoes may be preferable due to the variable surface underfoot, especially mud, hardcore and grass.

Whilst not prohibited, runners are recommended not to wear headphones on the route for obvious safety (& social) reasons. Particular attention should be paid at road crossings where your complete attention will be required  due to traffic.  At this point all headphones MUST BE REMOVED.

Strictly no dogs are allowed en route due to the end of the lambing season and risk of injury to fellow runners.  As per SA regulations, all Killearn 10k Trail Race entrants require to run  unsupported – this means no poles, buggys, zimmers etc – The Killearn Mile, however, is open to all. 


Annual trail run in Killearn Stirlingshire